Cutting Beetroots



2012: The year we adopted three kittens

Isa and DoraLeaLars and me volunteered at an animal shelter last june. Suddenly we had three kittens running around our feet on their shaky legs, left motherless at two weeks old. They grew into our life to the moment we could not imagine our life without them. So now we have become a little family of five. Its strangely beautiful this feeling of growing up, deciding to adopt kittens together and waking up to hungry meows at 4 in the morning and deciding to get up and see a movie while the world is still waking up.

Kitten Isa





Indoor cinema in may

I miss the lazy evenings of last week. After a hard day of uni work, we would snuggle up on the bed and have our own private screening of old favourites. I feel springtime and summer are perfect for 80s nostalgia and Cary Grant flicks.