Alone again. Day 1

I take a deep steadying breath, and prepare myself for the year to come. I´ve stocked up my cupboards with food, hopefully it will last me to Easter, or even better all the way until June. My new timetable is up on the wall, one day already ticked of. One day closer to the Easter holidays when I can go home again. Be with my friends, my family and my man. My heart longs for snow, but here its almost spring. I can wear my plimsolls and autumn jacket.

I dance around my little kingdom, my tiny studio, and try to make it my own again. Carefully placing the treasures brought with me from home. Oh how I miss having my own things around me. To have a livingroom with my sofa and two chairs in it. I brought with me two new books. How can you live without books? My green teapot, a yellow kitchen bowl, my white bunny piggy bank, some colorful fabrics and  a crocheted tablecloth. I`ve made a new table out of my suitcase and green fabric. My new green notebook lie awaiting for the recipies I`m going to fill it with. I am preparing for long days and little sleep. For immense workload. For presentations. For going hungry. For being skint. For being alone. For small breakdowns. For wanting to quit. For wanting to succeed. For my first trip to New York. My first trip ever outside Europe. For diving straight from my second year as a fashion student into an unknown internship, and then sthraight into the third year. I am ready.


2 thoughts on “Alone again. Day 1

  1. Åh! Jeg er så enig i alt du skriver her. Jeg hadde det så vondt da jeg kom “hjem” til England på fredag at jeg ikke visste hva jeg skulle gjøre. Ville bare hjem igjen, til den koselige julepynta stua og tryggheten av å ha kjæresten bare en liten biltur unna. Har aldri hatt sånn hjemlengsel før som jeg har hatt de siste dagene, er helt rart.

    1. Jeg vet, jeg har også hatt helt grusom hjemlengsel siden jeg kom tilbake. Det var så godt å være hjemme. Langdistanse forhold er virkelig ikke gøy. Si ifra om du vil finne på noe en dag, jeg har masse te og brunost 🙂

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